November 12, 2017

Why do business professionals wear suits and government officials the same? I’ve always wondered why they choose to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd in that manner, but after witnessing an event first-hand, I can appreciate why they would choose to wear something so formidable.

There was a group of people fighting. It wasn’t a big fight, but large enough to gain the attention of people passing by. One guy was punching the other repeatedly in the face, which was tucked under his other arm in a choke-hold. They were from the streets and belonged on the streets, and they knew it.

One man walked up, wearing an expensive suit and watch to match. He grabbed the offender by the scruff of his neck to get his attention, then ordered him to let the other man go. This man was huge, 6 foot 5 and 3 feet wide, but I have a feeling that his power didn’t come from his size; it came from what he wore.

The attacker let up and started apologizing profusely. He took one look at the man in the suit and knew he had been beaten. No punches were exchanged, no threats were made, but power radiated from the suit and I could feel it from across the way. The feeling was dark, ominous, black. True power.

I’ve started to wear black as an accessory, and I feel different. I feel as if I’m a part of something greater, something more powerful than I.

Whatever road I go on, it will be black. An obsidian path that reaches onward through time. It won’t matter whether I go forward or back. Black is the path, is the path.

via Daily Prompt: Black


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